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While using the most advanced technologies , NISSKOSHER Flavoured Vodkas Distillery does not forget about old and proven recipes and production methods for vodkas and liqueurs.  
Luxury products require time, patience and special care.

They are slowly prepared over a long period of time. They owe their high quality , among other things, to the seasoning of our natural steeps, which, when used for production, add the right flavours and aromas that are hailed by lovers of flavoured alcoholic beverages. For years we have been making sure that our products are always unique.

All our products are made using the best rectified neutral spirits in Poland, as well as only natural seasoning and flavouring ingredients, such as sour cherries, nuts, honey, fresh rose petals, fruit juices and steeps made from herbs, roots and fruit.

The water used in the production process comes from the cleanest region of Poland – the Beskids. Additionally, it is treated in a technologically advanced demineralization plant.

The products are manufactured in a closed production process. The containers used for production, as well as the transmission lines, are made from acid-resistant steel. 

Every batch is analyzed using the latest laboratory methods. But above all, NISSKOSHER products pass tests which are even more important than laboratory tests, awards and other distinctions - they pass the tests of our Clients.

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